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Rent a Yacht


We would like to invite you to the deck of our lovely and comfortable yacht called Camilla60.

The ship is divided into three parts.
Fly: ideal for enjoying the highlights.
Interior: an intermediate floor with a table and a leather curtain to help you feel relaxed and cozy.
A magnificent trolley interior including a kitchen, a fancy living room with a table, a leather seat and a large TV.
Enjoy a wonderful shower in our magical and classy bathroom, an air connditioner to keep you in thee right mood, WiFi and a privat dressing room.

Experience: Camilla yacht will make you touch the beauty and the spirit of the islands of Karaburuni, the beaches of Palasa, Dhermi, Jala,Himara and Porto Palermo, Saranda or outside areas of Albania such as the islands of Greece, Montenegro, Italy.

Camilla yacht: a step to the wooden royalty of the Albanian shore.
Extra: Captain on deck, aperitive and hostess to make sure you have a pleasant and unforgettable journey.
Cherish your memories.



-Please, do not enter inside the yacht in your wet clothes.
-Please do not jump into the sea without turning off the engine until an order from the captain.
-If your children are with you, please make sure they are under your surveillance at all times.
- Note that the capiten is always right, so do follow his instructions very carefully.
-It is strictly forbidden to touch the command instruments.
-For any requests, a stewardess is at your disposal all the time.
Thank you!
Enjoy your voyage!🥂

HOME PORT:               Marina Orikum Vlore

CHECK IN/OUT:           9:00 - 19:00

MAX.SPEED                18 Knots

MODEL                        Navetta Fly

CREW                          Captain + Steward

YEAR OF BUILD          2012

YACHT LENGTH    ​     18 MT

GUEST                          16 Members​

CABIN                       3

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