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Porto Palermo Castle

The Porto Palermo Castle is the crown jewel of the Albanian Riviera! Built on the hill of an island, connected to the shore via a narrow man-made strip of land, this castle attracts everyone’s immediate attention thanks to its triangular shape and the three bastions built on each corner. The castle was built in 1814 at the request of Ali Pashë Tepelena, after the destruction of Justinian’s castle. During the same period, the church of St. Nicolas was built directly across the castle. The castle’s great condition and its locations atop Porto Palermo’s beautiful historic beach, that is accessible to everyone, earned it first place in the Huffington Post'slist of the 15 Undiscovered European Destinations to visit in 2018. While you are at the beach, not to miss are several haunting, abandoned buildings from the communist era in Albania.



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