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First Destination =>Monastery of Mesopotam
Mesopotam is a historic village and is known for St. Koll's Orthodox Church, which is a 13th-century building. The Finiq archaeological park is located 8 km east of today's city of Saranda.

Second Destination =>Blue Eye
The National Park of “Blue Eye” is such an attractive touristic place, and it's located near the Muzinë village, by the national route Delvinë –Gjirokastër.

Third Destination =>Gjirokastra
Gjirokastra, is also known as the stone city, and has been protected by UNESCO since 2005. It is one of the last Ottomans -style cities left in the Balkans.

Four Destination =>Lekursi Castle
Lekursi Castle (Kajala e Lëkurësit) is a castle on Lekursi Hill, just behind Saranda with an amazing view over the town and bay, making this the most popular and iconic viewpoint of Saranda.

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