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Butrinti Tour

This trip will take you to one of the most amazing archeological sites on the Mediterranean. Butrinti is an archeological site that was known during antiquity as the ancient Bouthrotos and part of it can be seen for Corfu island. Visit one of the least unspoiled corners of the Mediterranean as you walk through Butrinti ancient monuments. Soak up the atmosphere and the unique ecosystem of Butrinti as you visit some of its finest monuments such as the well preserved Greco-Roman Theatre built in honour of Asclepius, God of Medicine, Baptistry, Byzantine Basilica and the Museum inside the castle.

Inside Butrinti will be visited:

Butrinti Theatre

The Fortifications

The temple of Asclepius

The triconch Palace

The Butrint’s Aqueduct

The nymph Pit

The castle of Butrint

The Great Basilica/The Venetian Church

The Tower of Vivari

The lion’s Gate

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