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Scuba diving

Scuba diving

Scuba Diving

If you haven’t tried Scuba diving yet, here’s your chance to try out and get to know the basics of scuba diving and see the underwater world.

Diving for amateurs
Diving for amateurs is made by the shore at the Manastir beach or Ksamil. The maximum depth is 7-9 meters, where you can see fish in different sizes, octopus and other underwater creatures. The price is 50 euros per person. In this price is also included the diving equipment, the instructor and underwater photos or videos. The duration of the diving is 35-40 min.

Diving for professionals.
Diving for people who possess a diving certificate is done in rocky places and in sunken ships. The maximum depth is 30 meters. This includes 9 sunken ships with a depth ranging from 14m to 30m. The dive starts from the coast for some diving parts and from the boat for others. The Price for pro-diving is 60 euros per person. If a second dive is made on the same day the second diving fee is 40 euros.

The diving center is not responsible for the weather conditions and visibility of the water.

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