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Tandem Paragliding

For those seeking Adventure in Albania, paragliding is a safe & unforgettable activity. It gives you an absolute sense of freedom, magical images, relaxation, joy and a great smile!

Tandem flight does not require previous experience. A brief introduction at the take-off area, some basic steps with the instructor and the flight can take place. You can sit comfortable and enjoy this unique experience. During flight time we record your experience in high definition

The location that the flight takes place:

Llogara, located in National Park of Llogara
934m above sea level
The flight is realized above Ionian sea
This site is flyable from June – October

How does it work?
– You need to book at last 2-3 days before you plan to fly, so we can give you and accurate weather forecast.
– Don’t wear flip-flop or Sandals we need something more comfortable (sneakers or light shoes) for running 2-3 steps in the take off, and in the landing area.

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